What You Need To Know About Wells Fargo Routes

Wells Fargo’s routing number is completely unique to the location where you opened your checking account. This is normally found on the back of the checks and debit cards. In order to pick a Wells Fargo routing number, you have two options. You can look in your wallet or call the Wells Fargo corporate headquarters. If you choose to look in your wallet, here are some things that you should consider:

Know the differences between international and domestic transfers. International transfers are much more complex than domestic ones. The rates of international transfer are usually higher than the domestic transfer. If possible, do not use international transfers when you can avoid them. Also, know that you can use non-etherized phone transfers to expedite your domestic transfers. In most cases, non-etherized phone transfers are much faster and cheaper than these transfers.

Wells Fargo Routing Number

Know how to change your direct deposit information. Most banks do not allow changes in your direct deposit information. If you need to make a change, call your bank immediately. Some banks only allow for small alterations to your direct deposit settings. When making changes, be sure to note the routing number that was used to deposit the money. Direct deposit settings will vary from bank to bank, so you should be aware of the differences between your specific bank and any others that you may do business with.

Look at the routing numbers in the customer’s statement. Direct deposit routing numbers are found in the statement, and you can generally find the routing numbers by calling the customer service desk. Usually, the numbers will be either yellow or green in color, and they will be shown to you by the customer service representative when you call. If your statement has routes that are different from the rest of your customers, you can usually find the routing numbers in the statement or on the receipt.

Know how to send electronic checks. Electronic check transfer is one of the fastest ways to send money to Wells Fargo. Many other banks offer wire transfers as well, but wire transfers to Wells Fargo come to be free with many checking accounts. To send an electronic check, sign up for a free checking account online. When you sign up, it will ask you for your routing number, which you can then provide to the website to complete your electronic check transfer.

Know how to set up domestic wire transfers. A domestic wire transfer is similar to a regular wire transfer, except that it does not involve crossing state lines. Domestic wire transfers can be done using your checking account, debit card, or credit card. Once you have signed up, it will ask you for your routing numbers so that you can make your domestic wire transfers.

Wells Fargo Routing Number

  • Alabama (AL) routing number : 062000080
  • Alaska (AK) routing number : 125200057
  • Arizona (AZ) routing number : 122105278
  • Arkansas (AR) routing number : 111900659
  • California (CA) routing number : 121042882
  • Colorado (CO) routing number : 102000076
  • Connecticut (CT) routing number : 021101108
  • Delaware (DE) routing number : 031100869
  • District of Colombia (DC) routing number : 054001220
  • Florida (FL) routing number : 063107513
  • Georgia (GA) routing number : 061000227
  • Hawaii (HI) routing number : 121042882
  • Idaho (ID) routing number : 124103799
  • Illinois (IL) routing number : 071101307
  • Indiana (IN) routing number : 074900275
  • Iowa (IA) routing number : 073000228
  • Kansas (KS) routing number : 101089292
  • Kentucky (KY) routing number : 121042882
  • Louisiana (LA) routing number : 121042882
  • Maine (ME) routing number : 121042882
  • Maryland (MD) routing number : 055003201
  • Massachusetts (MA) routing number : 121042882
  • Michigan (MI) routing number : 091101455
  • Minnesota (MN) routing number : 091000019
  • Mississippi (MS) routing number : 062203751
  • Missouri (MO) routing number : 121042882
  • Montana (MT) routing number : 092905278
  • Nebraska (NE) routing number : 104000058
  • Nevada (NV) routing number : 321270742
  • New Hampshire (NH) routing number : 121042882
  • New Jersey (NJ) routing number : 021200025
  • New Mexico (NM) routing number : 107002192
  • New York (NY) routing number : 026012881
  • North Carolina (NC) routing number : 053000219
  • North Dakota (ND) routing number : 091300010
  • Ohio (OH) routing number : 041215537
  • Oklahoma (OK) routing number : 121042882
  • Oregon (OR) routing number : 123006800
  • Pennsylvania (PA) routing number : 031000503
  • Rhode Island (RI) routing number : 121042882
  • South Carolina (SC) routing number : 053207766
  • South Dakota (SD) routing number : 091400046
  • Tennessee (TN) routing number : 064003768
  • Texas (TX)
  • Texas (North) routing number : 111900659
  • Texas (South) routing number : 112000066
  • Utah (UT) routing number : 124002971
  • Vermont (VT) routing number : 121042882
  • Virginia (VA) routing number : 051400549
  • Washington (WA) routing number : 125008547
  • West Virginia (WV) routing number : 121042882
  • Wisconsin (WI) routing number : 075911988
  • Wyoming (WY) routing number : 102301092