Top 5 Best Rewards Credit Cards

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Cards is amongst the best rewards credit cards available on the market today. The reasons for this are that they offer rewards that can be used as cashback for purchases, are not restricted in the cardholder’s spending, and offer many different options and benefits. But which ones are the best rewards credit cards? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons they are the best cards available today:

No annual fee: Unlike most other credit card issuers, the company does not charge an annual fee for its cardholders. This makes it among the best rewards credit cards because there is no hassle associated with making any payments. This card’s appeal lies solely in the ease of making and redeeming points, which earns 2 bonus miles per dollar and no limit on spending. Card purchases make you eligible for a variety of air travel benefits as well as bonus points when traveling, and the points can be transferred anytime to travel partners or to cash for future travel deals.

Top 5 Best Rewards Credit Cards

No set spending categories: The cards are offered in a variety of different spending categories, so cardholders do not have to stick to one spending category. If a person already has a card, then transferring over to another category is easy. If someone does not have a card yet, then he or she can simply select the No Spending category which allows cardholders to earn cashback without having to spend any money. However, once cardholders have established themselves with their regular spending categories, then all they have to do is choose from the available reward offers.

ValuePenguin: Capital One has three credit cards, each one with a different value proposition. ValuePenguin, the parent company of All banks has three credit cards that come in the Blue, Gold, and Silver value categories. Each card comes with a fixed interest rate, no annual fee, no balance transfer fee, and an air mile bonus of up to $500. All of the cards are backed by the popular credit card company, Discover card, which has long been a top card rewards provider.

ValuePenguin Gold Rewards: The parent company of All banks also has three cards. They offer a zero percent APR card balance transfer option, a special travel incentive, and a card with a one-time low-interest introductory rate of six months. The special travel incentive is the frequent flyer miles program. With valuepenguin, cardholders earn up to two miles for every dollar spent. Cardholders can use the miles to book a flight using the airline’s own card or transfer to a traditional credit card.

Green DotVantage: Green DotVantage is owned by American Express, but is not affiliated with them. The company offers cashback credit card offers in addition to the rewards offered by All banks. With Green DotVantage, cardholders have the option to pay for their groceries, gas, and entertainment with a prepaid visa debit card. They can also pay for items that they buy at a store with cash that they earn from shopping with the cards. All you have to do to get rewards with these cards is spend on the products that you pay for using your card.

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