How to Choose the Best Travel Credit Cards

If you like to travel and take yourself out-of-town often, you might consider getting the best travel credit cards to maximize your rewards. You’ll be able to save money, make it easy on the wallet (no more purchasing extras), and get access to special travel rewards programs that are not available with any other card. To help you decide which card is best for you, read this article.

Why this is among the best travel credit cards: It has an amazing sign-up bonus. The Chase Sapphire Preferred card allows you to earn sixty thousand bonus points after you make your first five dollars of purchases at the bank. The card comes with no annual fee, so you don’t have to worry about that. And there are no blackout dates or expiration dates. There’s no catch either!

How to Choose the Best Travel Credit Cards

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find some other cards with even better incentives that offer even more lucrative sign-up bonuses. But if you’re looking for cards that are of great value and have a solid reputation, these top cards come highly recommended. They each have several helpful features, as well as being accepted almost everywhere in the US and around the world.

Each card has its own unique rewards program, but here are some of the things you’ll find in common with most of them. Most cards earn you points toward your travel expenses whenever you use your card to make purchases at certain participating businesses, restaurants, hotels, or tourist attractions. In many cases, you can earn up to a maximum of one point for every dollar you charge. Most airlines cards also give you a certain percentage of points toward your airline ticket cost when you use them to purchase your tickets. And some cards offer cashback or bonus points just for booking airline tickets through their websites.

Some perks differ from one credit card issuer to the next, but the majority of them have a rewards program tied into their rewards programs. These can include points, airline miles, car rental discounts, hotel stays, gift certificates, and more. A great perk to look for is an incentive program that gives you cashback or bonus points just for spending money with the credit card company. As you probably know, credit card companies all compete against each other, so they can offer you the best deals possible. And as long as you keep your balance paid on time, you’ll keep those points too.

A few foreign transaction fees and a modest annual fee are all the perks you need to be concerned about when choosing between credit cards. Again, these are given in return for using the card, so you can expect nothing in return. The welcome offer could be generous, but remember that this comes with the regular annual fee. If you’re looking for a zero% interest rate on purchases for the life of your account, make sure the offer is for at least twelve months or it will lapse. Once again, you must read all the fine print.

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